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Planned Deliverables

During the course of our team study as we develop a technology audit of the Pelco corporation, there will be two progress reports that will outline the team's efforts.  Additionally, there will be a milestone-based project schedule that will be developed, maintained, and published electronically to aid in controlling the audit process.  A detailed questionnaire will be developed to illustrate and distill the important details relating to Pelco's attitudes, methods, and practices as they relate to innovation and new product development.  The final outcome of the team research efforts will culminate in a bound report, website, and group presentation presented.  The report and presentation will document and summarize project  observations, conclusions, and recommendations.  The final report will be presented to the Fall 2000, IT223 Management of Technology Course and to Pelco executive staff.

  • Progress Reports
  • Microsoft Project Gantt Chart (reported on webpage)
  • E-Mail Messages and On-Going Correspondence
  • Presentation
    • Written Report
    • Class Presentation.


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